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FREE TensorFlow-Keras Bootcamp


If you are looking to take your first steps towards learning Computer Vision and Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Keras, this is the best course to jumpstart your career.

FREE TensorFlow-Keras Bootcamp

About This Course

Tensorflow Keras Bootcamp is a course designed by the expert team at, which makes it the best source of knowledge for Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and AI.

In just 3 hours, this mini course will introduce you to a wide range of exciting topics such as Neural Networks, Multi Layer Perceptron, Convolutional Neural Networks and how it is used for Image Classification and Segmentation. You will also learn to train your own CNN Model on a custom dataset

This well-structured and comprehensive Computer Vision course will build your curiosity, appetite and intuition for solving real-world commercial and social problems using the power of Computer Vision.

Meet the Team

Satya Mallick Profile

Satya Mallick

Owner, Big Vision LLC

Vikas Gupta Profile

Vikas Gupta

Course Director
Vice President, Big Vision LLC

Bill Kromydas Profile

Bill Kromydas

Lead Instructor
Senior AI Engineer, Big Vision LLC

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    Free Tensorflow Keras Bootcamp
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    Anytime, self-paced