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Microsoft Azure Credit Offer for OpenCV’s “Deep Learning with PyTorch” course (2020)

This offer for a limited amount of Azure credits is available by e-mail invitation only for a limited number of students enrolled in OpenCV’s Deep Learning with PyTorch Course as verified by OpenCV. 


This Offer gets you started with 100 free* GPU hours of Azure credits to be used towards Azure Services under the NC6 SKU. If you are entitled to this offer, you will receive an e-mail invitation to accept this offer for your Account ID. If you do not have an existing Account ID, you will be prompted to create an Azure Account.


This Offer is available only to students who meet the following requirements.  You have registered and enrolled in the Course as verified by OpenCV within six months of Course launch, are age 18 or older and have provided your consent to be contacted by Microsoft to receive the Offer redemption code.

This Offer is limited to the NC6 SKU and will remain valid for 180 days after the Azure redemption code has been issued to you after which any unused credits will expire. Detailed instructions to ensure you are applying the credits to the NC6 SKU will be directly provided within the Course. Upon redemption, the Azure credits will be applied to your account in accordance with current Azure Pricing. The Offer is only available to customers located in the following countries found here.

 This Offer will terminate and your subscription will be converted automatically to the Pay-As-You-Go offer upon the earlier occurrence of (1) 180 days of redemption of this Offer or (2) exhaustion of the Azure credits. You will be responsible for all usage charges after this Offer expires or terminates.  Azure pricing is subject to change.


* Microsoft makes this Offer available the first 2000 students identified and verified by OpenCV as enrolled in its Deep Learning with PyTorch Course who meet the requirements above. Offer good only to the first party recipient receiving Offer invitation and is non-transferable. Limit one Offer per eligible student. This Offer is not redeemable for cash. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend the Microsoft Azure Sponsorship Offer at any time without notice.

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